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Earning money is typically considered a daunting task. For many of us, the income we generate from the 9 to 5 is already spent before it lands in our bank account. Whether you are short on earnings or want to pay off a debt, a side hustle is a good way to earn a little on top to ease your wallet. Check out my list below of ways to Make 100 dollars a Day at home, doing what you love, in innovative ways.


learn to trade
This may be a cliché for many but, done right, trading is one of the most profitable activities out there. If you are good with numbers, and you have some cash set aside, it is worth studying financial markets. Because of the technology, you can trade currencies, stocks, futures and commodities all sitting from your home. All you need is to make an account with a broker. Once you make an online deposit and you are ready to go.

With day trading, it is very common to make 100 dollars a day or even more. However, as there is a chance of profit, there is also a risk involved. If you are new to the financial markets, you will need an extensive study to not lose your money. A good starting point is the book ‘Technical analysis of financial markets’ by John J Murphy. To complement the book, Investopedia is an authentic and extensive source of knowledge. On top of that, daily analysis on is also helpful in learning the crucial decision making. However, if you are not interested in doing it by yourself, join a social trading platform like eToro where you can see other traders’ trades and simply copy the smartest traders out there and make 100 dollars a day.


Arbitrage is simply finding a price difference in two different markets and making use of that difference to your advantage. In other words, buy low, sell high. It is actually one of the more traditional ways of making money, but with a modern twist. The idea here is to find products online on websites that sell it cheap and sell it at a profit on your own website or on websites like Amazon and eBay.

At first, it may seem absurd that why someone will buy something at a premium if the same product is available online at a cheaper rate. Well, the simple answer is trust. People trust their local suppliers. If you do a simple search online, you will find many products selling cheaper on Ali Express at a much cheaper rate than amazon and eBay. Plus, if you build a good customer base with perfect reviews, your local buyers will be much more comfortable buying from you and for that many will be happy to pay a premium, making you 100 dollars a day or more.



amazon fba account
Always wanted to start and online retail business but never had the time, knowledge and skills to start it? Amazon’s fulfilled by amazon (FBA) account might be just the thing for you. All you need is a little research and some investment money and you are good to go. As the name suggest, fulfilled by amazon account work like this: you find a product cheap that will sell with a reasonable to high margin on amazon, you buy this product and amazon sells it for you.

The best part is that you do not even have to hold inventory at your warehouse, or post the product to the individual buyers. You buy it and get it delivered directly to the Amazon warehouse. They do all the marketing, advertising and handling of the product. Of course, they charge you a fee for the extra services they provide and your profit margin would be much higher if you did everything yourself, but the level of facilitation they provide makes it comparable to putting your money in the bank. All you will be doing is choose what you want to sell, and once you find a reasonable supplier it is truly a passive source of income. With the Amazon FBA account, it is quite easy to make 100 dollars a day.


walking app
If you ask me the most absurd way to make 100 dollars a day, it definitely is this. Simply put it is an app that pays you to walk. The app has its own currency, sweatcoin. For every 1000 steps, you earn one sweatcoin. On the standard plan, you can earn up to 5 sweatcoins a day. however, the app has more premium membership types allowing you to earn more every day. the premium membership is paid using a small amount of the coins you earn in the app so there is no dollar involvement. You can use these coins to redeem offers in app, or to withdraw money through PayPal. For example, 20,000 sweatcoins for $1000. It is not much (definitely less than 100 dollars a day) but hey, you get paid to do exercise. That new year’s fitness resolution suddenly seems more achievable right?


make 100 dollars a day testing websites and apps
We spend countless hours on out smartphones year in and year out. I know smartphones are addictive but let’s be honest. Most of those hundreds of hours every year (yes it really is at least a couple of hundred hours for an average person) is time wasted scrolling through other people’s Instagram accounts or catching up on leaks about that new iPhone that you cannot afford anyways. What if I told you that instead of wasting that time on binge-consuming useless information, you could be making extra money testing apps on your phone.

As the mobile applications market is growing, so is the need to properly test these applications for glitches and optimal user experience, thus the need for more and more applications testers. Hiring full time app testers in house is much more costly for most of the companies, so they use services from platforms like User Testing, Userpeek, TesterWork and others. These websites in turn pay people like you and me to download the app, use it and give opinions and reviews. I tried UserTesting and was able to make $60 in a month while spending about two hours in total testing 6 different games and apps. If you spend more time and make account on other similar sites, you will definitely be able to make much more than that. Instead of watching an unboxing video of that new iPhone next year, maybe you will be pre-ordering one for yourself.


make 100 dollars a day using your photography skills
Remember that DSLR you bought a few years ago? Apart from a few pictures of some random flowers and that massive collection of mirror selfies it is still pretty unused to this day. Well, instead of letting it collect dust, you could have used it to earn some money. No, I am not talking about those fancy photoshoots of those gorgeous models. I am talking about the good old, dull and boring stock photos. Just rearrange your desk a few times and take some good clicks and upload it to Adobe Stock or Shutterstock. Doing only this, you may be selling your first picture to be displayed as a header on a website.

Ok, I may have oversimplified that, but not by much. If you have an interest in photography, it is a great motive to further develop your skill and make money out of it. You will need to research first what types of images sell more but the rest of the details you can learn on the go. One thing remember is that some platforms can charge as much as 80% of your revenue as their fees. However, they still are good platforms to start with given that they do all the selling for you hassle free. Do not expect to make a lot of money on your first day, but depending on the quality and the quantity of photos you are selling online, you can expect a few hundred dollars a month.


search engine
Speaking of making money doing nothing, Swagbucks has a lot to offer. They have so far given out more than $440 million to their users. All this for playing free games, completing surveys and shopping online. However, the most basic thing you can do with Swagbucks is just make Swagbucks your default search engine. That’s it! wagbucks is paying its users for using its search engine for their routine internet browsing. It is no gimmick! They don’t even require you to redeem their points only through selected retailers (although that is more profitable). The money you earn from using their search engine is not a lot (people have reported earning anywhere from a few cents to a dollar a day) but it is literally free money. Combined with other ways the company gives out money the total becomes significant.


make 100 dollars a day using your car
If you own a car, you would know it is not cheap to own and maintain it, and if you live in a congested metropolitan city like me, you do not even use it for daily use since the cost of parking downtown is much higher than simply using the local transport. However, there are ways you can use your car to earn more money on the side. If you use your car to commute to and from work, you cannot miss out on carpooling.

Apps like Carma Carpool lets you ‘share’ your cost of commute with your neighbours and colleagues. It finds people who take a similar journey as you at the same time. Then it lets you take those passengers with you and charge them, for example $0.20 per person per mile. The specifics can vary from app to app but the basics are the same. This way you can not only save money on your routine travel, but with some luck, may also be able to make a little extra on top going to and from work.

If, however, you do not use your car on a daily basis like me, you can rent it out to other people. Once again, mobile apps like turo, and zipcar make this easy as a breeze. You just take some pictures of the car, register yourself on the app and let the technology do the work. You can specify the dates when the car will be available for rent and when it will not be. Turo advertises that their users make an average of $706 per month, but it can be more or less depending on a number of factors.


make 100 dollars a day walking pets
Who does not like pets? What if I tell you that you can make a handsome side earning spending time with pets?

There are a lot of people who cannot provide the time, care and attention to their pets that they want. They are either busy or simply traveling, and for that reason hire others to take care of their pets. In this job, it quite common to make $50 a night, and sometimes as much as 100 dollars. So it is an easy way to make 100 dollars a day. This makes it a very lucrative second income, especially for students. Bear in mind, however, some pet owners can have very specific requests and instructions that you need to follow. Many times, the job may require giving their pets medication which, in case you did not know before, they really do not like. Other than that, it is easy money that you should not miss out on.


virtual bookkeeper
Bookkeeping for a small business is a chore, and it is hard to find good bookkeepers at a reasonable rate. If you have a high school diploma and are not uncomfortable around numbers, virtual bookkeeping might be your thing. Contrary to popular belief, having an accountancy degree, or a diploma, is not a requirement for becoming a virtual bookkeeper. You do nto need it even for starting your own bookkeeping business.

A good knowledge of basic accounting principles is a requirement. However, the required skill level can be achieved in a few months. It is a good idea to start your learning with an online software like intuit QuickBooks online. This will help you in keeping your cost low. Once you have completed your training, all you need is a little investment to buy a decent laptop. Make an account at or Upwork and with little experience you are ready to make $60 an hour. At this rate, it is very easy to make 100 dollars a day. Go check out the free training and online course by Ben Robinson at Also follow my blog for more similar resources in my upcoming step by step guide to becoming a virtual bookkeeper.

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