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The top 10 computer games to play

During this pandemic, we’re all quarantined at home. You have more time left than ever and you’re more bored than ever. So what do you do then? video games. in this article you will find the top 10 computer games to play.

10. Call of Duty Warzone

call of duty warzone computer game

All of duty warzone is a free to play multiplayer game with a max lobby of 150 people. There are 2 game modes to choose from. Shoot everyone in the battle royal mode where you have to be the last one left, or plunder until you have the most cash in the game.


09. Minecraft

minecraft computer game

Minecraft is a free open world survival game in which you can build the craziest things on your own, or with your friends on a server. The whole Minecraft world consists of cubes. Even the sun is a cube. For some, this is a deal-breaker, but if you can get over it, there are few games that you can spend so much time on. The nostalgia is a big factor in popularity in recent years, but even if you’ve never played it before, this blocked world will be enough to keep you in this time.



08. Fortnite

fortnite top 10 computer game

Fortnite is a free third-person shooter battle generously available for Android, macOS, iOS, PlayStation 4, Windows and Xbox One. Fortnite consists of two clearly distinguishable game modes. The Battle royale mode is a multiplayer dathmatch, where a hundred players (possibly in teams) have to compete against each other. This mode can be played for free. In Save the World mode the player must fight against hordes of hostile creatures in order to survive. This mode is playable in single player or online co-op.


07. FIFA 20

fifa 20

FIFA is a football game where the player can play or simulate his own career. In FIFA you can create your own player, control a professional player or the whole team if you like. In career mode you can create a team with your favourite club and go for the prizes! The most popular game mode in FIFA is ultimate team. In this multiplayer mode you start with an extremely low team, but by buying players with coins, or opening packs you can create a better team. FIFA 20 has new features that implement street soccer (Volta soccer) and many other modes for more gaming fun. The game is not for free, you can buy it for $60.

06. Grand Theft Car V

Grand theft car V

GTA V is a fun way to pass the time in this period. With both an online and an offline world where you can do countless missions. In the offline game mode there is a choice of 3 characters each with their own qualities. In multiplayer mode you can design your own character and develop your own qualities by gaining experience in the world. This game can be bought for an amount of $30.

05. Mario Kart

Mario Kart computer game

Mario kart is very natural. The reason that there is no 8 deluxe is because the average person does not have a Nintendo switch. Luckily Mario kart nowadays also has a free mobile version. And you can play with multiple players now. Perfect timing to challenge your friends and family for a game and leave a banana for the unfortunate one!

04. Red Dead Redemption II

Red dead redemption II

Red dead redemption is one of the action/adventure computer games where you play a character named Arthur. Arthur is one of the last real cowboys. He lives with his group at the end of the wild west. The world industry is booming and there is no place for his kind anymore. This game can also be played in multiplayer. You can hunt, ride horses, rob people. Everything you do affects your character and determines whether you are a good or bad person. Red dead redemption II costs around $60.


03. League Of Legends

league legends computer game

League of Legends is a free MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). League of Legends can only be played online against other human players or bots (computer controlled). The players, also called Summoners, are placed in a team. In total there are two teams that compete against each other. These teams consist of five or three players per team. This depends on which folder you choose to play on. Each team has a Nexus. Once it is destroyed, the team that still has its Nexus has won. The players earn gold (gold pieces) throughout the game. This is virtual money with which they can buy items in the game round. From these objects, such as a sword, the player becomes stronger.


02. Playerunknowns Battlegrounds

player known better ground computer games

PUBG is yet another free battle royal game in this list. Battle royales are very popular at the moment, and many are also free to play. It can be played on any platform, including mobile. You are in a plane with 99 other players. When you land, you have to search for weapons and adjust them to your own preference. The goal is to kill other people before they kill you and try to survive the longest.


01. Apex Legends

apex legends top 10 compute onliner game

Apex Legends is a first person shooter where you try to stay last in teams of 3 (60 players total). You play with legends that all have different abilities. The weapons can also be costumed according to your own preferences. It is also one of free online computer games.

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