The pandemic theories of covid 19

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Wuhan the world is in a state of shock. With current 474.204 people infected and 21.571 deaths. The global panic is rising every day because of the lockdowns in most of the countries and the difference in infected people. At first, the most viable group were people above the age of 60 but nowadays young people from the age of 16 and younger are infected with the Coronavirus and dying as well. The COVID-19 started with Wuhan as the epicentre of the world but at the moment the epicentre is Italy. Since the pandemic several people are saying this the earth that take a break, but also a lot of conspiracy theories about the pandemic are spread. We would like to inform you about the pandemic theories that goes viral.

Conspiracy Theories Of COVID-19

These are the some of pandemic theories that most of the people talked about.

The virus predicted in a novel?

The coronavirus predicted in a novel? This couldn’t be thru you think, well let take a closer look. Immediately after the outbreak of the Coronavirus several people who read the “The Eyes of Darkness” by Dean Koontz written in 1981 are pointing out that he predicted the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The book went viral in no time, and people start even more freaking out because of the evidence that couldn’t be missed.

pandemic theories the eye of darkness

So what was the evidence that the book went viral? The story was based on a mother who attempts to find out what happened to her son after he disappeared after a camping trip. It turns out that the boy is captured in Wuhan, China the location where the outbreak of the Coronavirus started.In the book, there is a character named Dombey that is telling about a virus that is called “Wuhan-400” that was developed at a special RDNA lab just outside Wuhan.


pandemic theory

In the book, a character named Dombey narrates an account of a virus called ‘Wuhan-400’ which was developed at the RDNA lab outside the city of Wuhan, and The Wuhan-400 virus was the four-hundredth viable strain of man-made microorganisms created in that research centre.

The symptoms they describe and the accuracy of how the virus affects the human body between Wuhan-400 and the Coronavirus are frightening at least.

Are we battling with a BIO-weapon?

Is this virus created by the government? The internet was full of conspiracies about the Coronavirus and the one that we saw the most was that the virus could be a bio-weapon. Chinese scientists were accused in Canada of spying and were banned from Canada’s National Microbiology Lab, this lab is known that they work on the most deathly pathogens, according to an ET Prime report.

The highlighted policy breach that the bio-weapon program of countries like China.
The creator of bio-weapons Francis Boyle claims that the Coronavirus is a biological weapon with DNA-genetic engineering. That the Coronavirus is a biological weapon are still unsubstantiated.

Was the seafood market the beginning of the Virus?

Currently, the scientist still haven’t been able to find out the origin of the Coronavirus, but there are speculations that the Coronavirus was originated in the seafood market in China, according to the Chinese Health Authorities and the World Health Organization. They said that most cases had been linking to the seafood market, after these outcomes they closed the seafood market on 1 January.

seafood market was the beginning of virus

On the online forums, there were a lot of people sceptic and they have been sharing suspicions about the origin of the Coronavirus. Most of them think that the virus is originated from the Institue of Virology in Wuhan, which is China’s highest level biosafety laboratory in deadliest viruses.

The United States senator Tom Cotton gave an interview on Fox News where he said that there is a big possibility that the Coronavirus could have been originated from the lab in Wuhan, China.

People on the forums are still sceptic about it and some have an attempt that this virus was created to control the Chinese population. The claims are still unsubstantiated.

Are the Simpsons the beginning of the pandemic theories?

Everybody knows them “The Simpson” one of the longest-running scripted series, who has won several awards. But that is not the only thing where the Simpsons are known from.


The Simpsons are also known that they predict majors happenings in the world. Let’s give you a heads up, they predicted the 9/11 attacks and announcing the presidency of Donald Trump. This couldn’t be a coincidence, could it? Almost immediately after the outbreak of the Coronavirus allegations that The Simpson predicted the pandemic surfaced.

On February 20 a post on Facebook appeared and shows stills from a 1993 episode of The Simpson, in that episode Homer Simpson and Principal Skinner are sick. Another image showed that a broadcaster was reading a script and behind him, on a tv, there was standing the word “Coronavirus” including a cat.

Unfortunately, it turns out that these images were altered. The three images with the red flu were from the episode “ Osaka flu”. In this episode, they showed that a factory worker coughs into a box, what later turned out that the box is for Homer Simpson. When the package was delivered by Homer Simpson he opens it and he falls sick. The fourth image was a text behind the broadcaster, it shows in yellow letters Coronavirus but in in the red letters behind “Acopolypse meow”, on this combination, there are still no answers.


Is the global media creating unnecessary around the Coronavirus? Several sceptics started accusing the global media on social media with the reason that they are creating an unnecessary panic.

Comparing the outbreak of the Coronavirus with others like SARS which happened in 2003 are starting. The first comparing that we have to look for is the death rate, with the death rate we can measure which virus is more deadly. The scientist found out that how more contagious the virus is, the lesser the mortality rate is, which simply means that highly contagious viruses are less deadly.

The current mortality rate for coronavirus as per a CIDRAP report is 2.3% while for SARS, it was a 9.6%. So the question that our rest, is the media hyping up the pandemic unnecessarily or is the current “2% mortality rate measure” baseless?

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