summer activites

Now that almost every country has closed its borders and with airplanes stuck to the ground, we could forget about our summer 2020 travel plans. It can be hard to accept but we think it won’t be possible to travel the world this year. But what is there to do when the temperatures rise? Keep in mind that the summer activities should be safe for you and your surroundings, with the virus still in circulation.

1. Go to a (nature) swimming pool

It is nice to go out swimming on hot days. Go to a lake, nature swimming pool or the regular swimming pool in your town when it is opened. Little kids and adults too will love this. You can spend your entire day here and you can bring your own snacks and drinks for a nice ‘cooling down day’.


2. Visit that one park close to your house

Visit park

We all know one: that one park that is a 5 minute walk from your home but you never go there. Why not? It can be more fun than you think and you already know the environment. Bring some snacks and drinks and organise a small picknick. This is one of the best and most common summer activities.

3. Organise a water battle

drink alots f water

Organising a water battle is fun, especially with little kids, but grown-ups can also get the fun out of this. Think of thinks such as water balloons, water guns and the garden hose. Make 2 teams and battle with each other.

4. Make you own terrace

make terrace restaurant

Since we are not allowed to go out for dinner, it can be fun to make your own terrace with restaurant. Cook a 3-course meal and buy a fancy wine. Set the table in a restaurant setting with candles, fancy napkins and cutlery. Now you can serve your ‘guests’.

5. Buy yourself a swimming pool

Everybody will love this tip, go to your local construction market and buy a swimming pool. This can be a very big swimming pool, but also a very cheap one. Especially on hot days it can be nice to cool down in the pool in your own backyard.

6. Plan a sports day

This is a very healthy (and fun) summer option. Think of sports like football, badminton, skating, running and even swimming. Make schedules with the different sports and rotate with the participants to have a complete sports day.

7. Throw a (small) garden party

garden party

Since clubs are closed down and festivals are cancelled, we could really use a party. Decorate your garden like a club or festival and create a bar. Make sure you have great club music and invite (a minimum amount) of friends or family. Enjoy a night out in your own garden. Garden Party is one of the amazing summer activities.

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