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become mentally strong

In this turbulent time where it is necessary to stay indoors and work from home because of COVID-19, it is more important than ever to also pay attention to your mental health.The outbreak of corona can be stressful for many people. The fear of getting it, of not being allowed to have physical contact with each other and having to stay at home can become too stressful for a lot of people. How do you deal with this?In this article you will find some tips on how to become mentally strong while staying in and working from home.

01. Take care of your body

For a healthy mind you also need a healthy body. At a time like this it is important to keep your body healthy. Try to eat a good and varied diet and keep moving. Every small movement is important.Walking or cycling to the supermarket instead of taking the car or doing some exercises at home. It is extremely important that you stay active and do not sit on the couch all day. To get a better mental health, research show that a good diet improves that. Food with a lot of sugar or other foods that are unhealthy for you create a feeling of happiness while eating it but ultimately vegetables lead to a higher level of happiness.


become mentally strong by doing exercise


02. Stay connected

You want to stay up to date, now more than ever. But take a break every once in a while from watching or reading the news. Hearing about the situation everybody is currently in can be stressful and upsetting. It is important to keep conversing with people. Do not isolate yourself but talk to your loved ones about your feelings and concerns. Support each other and try to be there for each other in this difficult time. Do not let this virus be the only thing on your mind, try to distract yourself and start reading that book that has been there for so long but you haven’t started yet or start yoga and try and relax a little bit.

stay connected


04. Positivity is key to become mentally Strong

During this hard time it is most important to not let yourself down but to stay positive. Try to find and do things that make you happy. Surround yourself only with the people who bring out the good in you and remove yourself from the ones that are negative. Even though you might feel like there is nothing positive in your life right now remember that there is always something positive and keep in mind that things will get better. To keep reminding yourself about the things you can be grateful for in these hard times, write them down. Be creative and try to make the most of this turbulent time.

poditive key

05. Stay busy

Try to stay as productive as possible and keep yourself busy. Sitting on the coach all day doing nothing will only make you feel more miserable. So try to come up with activities to do around the house.  Go read a book, call your friends and family, do some sports, etc. These things are just a few examples. To distract your mind from this virus that is going around now you could start exercising at home. If you keep moving your mental health will improve with it because you can distract yourself and do not think about anything else.

It all sounds so easy and of course you think it is not. But as long as you keep trying to get through this, keep these things in mind and don’t get lost in your mind, you will be definitely become mentally strong even after this crisis. Remember it will get better.

stay busy

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