Best Amazon Prime Series – Top 10 series

Are you done with watching regular TV shows? Have you already played every game you own and made several puzzles? We have a new tip to stay entertained. You should watch series on Amazon Prime to stay entertained during the corona crisis. Below, we listed the top 10 of the best Amazon Prime series in the UK and US of the moment. Happy binge-watching!

10. The Americans

the amarican amazon prime series

The Americans is a thriller based on the Cold War-era in 1981. It is about a pair of Russian spies that live in America while they raise their family and work as spies. The spies have to balance their loyalty to their motherland and their family while they are dodging FBI agents. One of the FBI agents even happens to live next door of the Russian family. The series is a good combination of family drama, spy intrigue and history.

09. Mr Robot

mr robot amazon prime series

Mr. Robot is a cyber-thriller series with a grasp of technology. The show follows Elliot Alderson, a paranoid security engineer who engages in acts of hacking. When Elliot is courted by a mysterious activist-hacker known as “Mr. Robot,” he has a chance to use his skills for more than acts of petty justice. Mr. Robot has a grand plan to capsize society, and Alderson could play a key role.

08. The Night Manager

the night manager

This six-part drama series is based on a novel by John Le Carre. She story is about Engl ishman Jonathan Pine, who is working as the night manager of a Cairo hotel. He gets involved with a woman who is the girlfriend of a local gangster. When the girl is found murdered due to having important information, Pine flees to Switzerland to work there in a remote hotel. Four years pass, and what follows is a very dangerous game of intrigue and deception.


07. Vikings

vikings the amazon prime series

Vikings is a historical fantasy saga, the story chronicles the rise of Ragnar Lothbrok from farmer to legendary warrior. Especially Game of Throne fans will like this series. Ragnar sails around Northern Europe searching for plunder, accompanied by his warrior wife, Lagertha, and other allies. It is a historic accurate show about Vikings in the Middle Ages.

06. American Horror Story

american horror story

American Horror Story is a horror series. Each season is conceived as a self-contained mini-series, following a disparate set of characters and settings, and a storyline with its own beginning, middle, and end. While some actors and actresses appear for more than one year, they usually play completely different roles in each season. Subjects are haunted houses, witches or an insane asylum. Even Lady Gaga played a role in this series. American Horror Story is one of the best Amazon Prime series.

05. Dead Like Me

dead like me amazon prime series

Dead Like Me is a dark comedy series that follows a group of colourful ‘reapers’. These are individuals who died and are now tasked with helping souls move on to the afterlife. Georgia Lass is one of them and she is unhappy with her life. When she finds out she is dead, she is recruited to become a grim reaper. She does not like her job but she finds out very soon that even grim reapers must continue with their regular jobs along with their ‘daily death duties’.

04. Sesame Street

sesame street amazon top amazon series

Sesame street is a kids TV show with a small street in a city as setting where children and furry muppets learn about numbers, the alphabet and other pre-school subjects taught in commercial spots, songs and games. The show also includes short animation and live-action films, pictures, and songs. It was the first children’s show to use educational goals and a curriculum to shape its content, and as such, it has taught millions of viewers around the globe about the importance of relationships, ethics, and emotions.

03. Modern Family

modern family top 10 amazon series

For fans of American mockumentaries, Modern Family is another to add on the ‘to watch’ list. There are seven series currently on Prime following the lives of one big extended family living in suburban Los Angeles. There’s Michell and Cam, a gay couple with their adopted daughter Lily, the Dunphies with their trio of children, and Jay with his young wife Gloria and her son. Their family life is messy but hilarious as they get into scrapes every episode, breaking the fourth wall numerous times along the way. People call Modern Family: “The best series on Amazon Prime”.

02. Lost

lost the best amazon prime series

The fate of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 is doomed from the beginning, the flight crashes on a mysterious island. The survivors of the crashed flight face a battle to stay alive. This begins with threats from within their own ranks to the island’s mysterious happenings, including: dangerous animals roaming the jungle, polar bears and its native inhabitants. Every episode is a cliff hanger and you won’t be able to look away.

01. Bob’s Burgers

bob's burgers amazon prime series

Bob’s Burgers is a comedy about the Belchers family who own a hamburger restaurant. Bob flips burgers, his wife Linda jokes around, Louise makes plots, Gene annoys and Tina moans a lot. Bob’s burgers are really delicious and appear to be better than his rivals’ but when it comes to selling burgers, his kids aren’t really helpful, as more customers head over to Jimmy Pesto’s restaurant. They are a genuinely funny cartoon family to hang out with. There’s nine seasons of Bob’s Burgers with 22 minute episodes included with Prime.

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