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Here are the 10 Blog advertising strategies I use to get more traffic and make sure I get affiliate clicks on my website.The best way to get more traffic is to advertise your blog and affiliate products.

Are you Confused by all this? Just want to learn the affiliate marketing fundamentals?

1. There Are Lots of reasons to invest in a website if you plan to use affiliate marketing to make money online:

invest in a website to advertise your blog

It is likely to make affiliate income without owning a website. But having your own website is a massive bonus because:

  1.  you have your blog, and determine what can and cannot go onto your site.
  2. It’s possible to customize your website using themes and plugins.
  3. It is possible to make money blogging… even with a few amount of page views.
  4. You can monitor your web-page views and audience behavior after setting up Google Analytics.
  5. Your blog becomes simpler to optimize for search engines, and thus easier to be viewed by a wider audience.

If you want to make real money blogging, you need to see your blog like a business. The first step to that is investing in to host your own website, so you can customize, and track audience behavior and analyze data with Google Analytics.

If you want to earn money blogging, begin with treating your blog like a small business.

We recommend you use Bluehost to begin your blogging journey. Most of our web design clients use Bluehost. They provide 24/7 customer service, and another benefit of buying hosting from Bluehost is they offer free domain.

2. Find out what people are looking for when search online.

search your niche to promote your blog

Another affiliate marketing approach to increase your conversions rate is to write on what folks are searching. For this, perform keyword research based on what you want to compose.

So, how can you know whether the keyword you select for your post is what people are looking for? for this read more on how to do keyword research, read this article “How to do keyword research: 10 free keyword research tools.”

By selecting the most appropriate keywords, you are directing visitors into your own blog from search engine searches.

You can also use the search functions for Amazon Books, Google, and Pinterest to find out what searches very similar to what you are writing about.

3. Select a variety of low-paying, mid-paying, and high-paying affiliates.

Consider these three rules when you Pick an affiliate program:

  1. Choose affiliates based on your niche and reader’s interests.
  2. Advertisement

  3. Partner with affiliates you believe in and can answer questions regarding the item.
  4. Select a range of low-paying, mid-paying, and high-paying affiliates. (You diversify the kind of income you get by selecting a combination of mid-paying low-paying, and affiliates).
  5. Advertise your blog and affiliate products.

Readers are not always prepared to commit to the high-paying affiliates that you recommend because that requires more dedication (such as a payment) from them. However, the low-paying affiliates you recommend probably need a smaller devotion (such as an email address).

4. Write creative content.

creative writing to promote your blog

As a reader, it is disappointing to be drawn in by an appealing headline.

Overall content should be

  1. shareable
  2. well written
  3. Evergreen.

Compose an article you’d want to share. In this manner, the men and women who read the epic-ness will possibly share it with buddies or their own audience. When this happens, your possibility of affiliate traffic multiplies.

To avoid minor spelling and grammar mistakes, download the free web-application Grammarly. The paid application of Grammarly is even better. So it was not your strongest subject in college, or if English isn’t your native language, it’s a whole lot cheaper to pay for the Grammarly membership than a proofreader.

And as much as possible, compose evergreen content. Evergreen content is content that will be applicable and shareable all year. Find a way to turn the seasonal content that you can share annually. Instead of writing a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him, for example, write a Gift Guide for Men/Women, which could be shared year-round.

Install free Grammarly extension

5. Attract readers with a catchy headline.

catchy headline

So you wrote an article filled with the affiliate links. You explained all the benefits for anyone who read your post.

However, like we established: to generate the money, you need to somehow attract people to visit your post.

One of those ways involves writing a headline that will make people want you to have written about.

There are plenty of ways to catch the attention of someone. A Couple of tactics include:

  1. make them curious.
  2. Instantly let them know what’s in it for them.
  3. Add emotional touch.

6. Personalize your Sale.

personalized your sate to advertise

You need to personalize your sale when you promote a product. Don’t go for conversion or the affiliate sale immediately. Instead, write down as far as you can about who you’re selling to.

How the product you are promoting solve someone’s problems?

Tailor the product to the person who’s on the other end.

  1. Explain as much as you can about something. Do not just assume they know everything.
  2. At the same time, talk about the advantages of the item.
  3. Don’t just assume that the readers will click. Explain the benefits of choosing a product. Then, guide them to”click here” or”sign up here” using your affiliate link!

Explain to your audience why they need this product. You can do this by writing a tutorial or describing the advantages of each product on a list.

Even better, discuss your personal experience with the item and how that product changed your own life or solve the problem you were having. Your personal experience will go far with your readers, building trust in you and the item.

7. Create a marketing program.

marketing plan to advertise your blog

People will not flock to it magically unless you’re a star or a super recognized blogger, once you hit release on a post. For each and every article you write, think about how to market it in the long-term.

There are many ways to market your content.

Tweet about your post:

If you publish new content, schedule promotional tweets to go out three or more times in a day and keep it up for a couple of days. By tweeting something different every time change, you promote the content.

Pin your post on Pinterest:

Pin your post on Pinterest and add it to your Pinterest schedulers. One approach to ensure a post gets maximum exposure over time is by simply adding it into some Pinterest scheduler. This way, it stays on your”pin rotation” and gets traffic as you’re at work or sleeping.

Participate in Facebook group re-pin threads:

This helps you set a few re-pins, thus having a bigger chance of being shown at the top of keyword searches.

Send the post to your mailing list: You could also send the article to your mailing list. Obviously, your mailing list is full of folks who need to get your mails and updates. So let them know when there’s a new article up in your blog!
(Want to know more about the mailing list and how to build your own)

Instagram Story: Post an Instagram story, or a new photograph, letting your readers know about the new article and put the link of the post in bio.

There are so many ways you can hype up your articles! And you can not earn money blogging if nobody’s reading your own work. So think about ways that you can get eyes to your posts.

Ana in The She Approach composed a phenomenal, easy-to-read manual for both newer and more experienced bloggers to improve their traffic numbers if you’re searching for creative and tested ways to boost your site traffic.

Click here to find out more about The She Way to Boosting Your Blog Traffic.

8. Over-deliver.


Would you click on a post with an incredibly attractive, engaging headline…
…and feel disappointed by what you read?

Yes, you also need to attract readers with an engaging headline. But if you are not delivering, you’re disappointing.

Your reputation is on the line with every post you put out there. So be sure that if somebody is directed to a post on your site, you attempt to put out new, exciting and beneficial advice for them.

There are tons of unique articles out there. And in order to stand out from your competitors, you need to overdeliver what you’re promising from the headline.

9. Call-to-action should be very clear with your affiliate links.

call to action to advertise your blog

But you ought to add a prominent call-to-action to your own affiliate links. You should advertise your blog and affiliate products.

If you want your reader to click on a link and sign up for something, tell them. Tell then to click your own link! After showing them a product or service to them.

Listed below are a few ways you can make your call-to-action for affiliate links clear:

  1. BOLD those links and make them a different color from your text.
  2. Give your bolded call-to-action its own line, and center it.
  3. Create branded and personalized images that promote an affiliate.
  4. Clearly tell them to use your affiliate or referral link.

10. Build your own mailing list.

create email list

Lastly, focus on building a targeted email list:

  1. Know Your audience: Who are you writing to? What type of person would look forward to opening and reading your emails?
  2. Use opt-in Form: Next, make a fantastic opt-in from and encourage your readers to leave their email.
  3. Clean your email list: Send an email related to the opt-in form visitor signup to and ask them to click on a link to verify their emails.
  4. Select affiliate products or programs your audience would be interested in.
  5. Send occasional emails promoting these products, special prices, etc.!

If you are not looking to spend money on an email service, Consider reading this article to know about free email services you can use. (5 Free emails services to use for marketing)

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