5 tips to boost immune system

Nowadays, it is important to maintain your health and secure your wellbeing, you can better stay safe by boosting your immune system.This article will provide you with 5 tips of how to boost your immune system.

01. Vitamin C

Many people turn to vitamin c after they have caught a flu. This because vitamin C helps you build a better immune system. Vitamin c will boost the production of white blood cells which will lead to a better immune system.Some examples of products that contain Vitamin C are shellfish, yogurt, garlic, green tea and citrus fruits.

vitamin c to boost immune system

02. Immune Water Bottle


A immune water bottle by Qcharge is a good way of boosting your immune system. The portable water ionizer is made out of eco-friendly materials with a double-layered silicone glass that makes the bottle tough and durable. Withunique technology, the bottle provides a filter that reduces the amount of bacteria, metals and fluoride in the water. This will provide you the security of your health. Use all kinds of water to filter like tap water, distilled water, mineral water and purified water.

drink water to boost your immune system

03. Get Enough Sleep and Manage Stress

Enough sleep per night is crucial for having a good immune system. Outcomes of a show that adult who consistently sleep for 8 hours or more a night are better secured against viruses than people who sleep for 7 hours or less per night.  Sleep is good for facilitating cytokines which are used by your body to prevent you from illness of viruses.

To manage your level of stress is almost as important as your amount of sleep because stress can lower the body’s immunity. Mindfulness, meditation or yoga are likely to have a good influence on your immune system. These methods to lower your stress will work better if you succeed practicing them on a daily basis.

sleep to boost immune system

04. Do not Smoke and Drink no Alcohol

Both smoking and drinking alcohol have a very bad influence on your immune system. Everyone knows that these two things are bad for you but still many people like to do it. For your immune system, it is better to both stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Alcohol is even able to inactivate our immune system. If you still want to drink and smoke, it is smart to do it regularly.

no alcohol to boost immune system


Exercising or physical effort are good to give your immune system a boost. It is recommended to do any kind of physical effort for a minimum of three times a week to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can variate from just a hike to play a game tennis. A study shows that exercise is good for your immune memory. But take in to a count that too much effort can lead to injury’s which can lead to a lower immune system.


exercise to stay healthy

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