During enormous crises and outbreaks of viruses one can eventually speak of a pandemic. Pandemic literally means worldwide occurrence. The virus we are dealing with nowadays, corona, is also called a pandemic. What absolutely must you not do during this pandemic? You can read the top 10 of the worst things you can do during pandemic below.

1. Have a party


One of the most worst things you can do during pandemic is party. Whether it’s a private party at home or a party at someone else’s, don’t do it. Governments all over the world advise people to distance themselves from each other and stop participating in social activities. If you do this in smaller groups or just at home with your family, governments continue to advise at all times to keep a distance of 1.5 meters. Parties are currently irresponsible and there will be enough time after this pandemic to attend parties.

2. Grocery shopping together

avoid shopping together


No matter how nice it is to get out of the house, don’t do this together. There is no need to go shopping together and it only makes it harder to keep those 1.5 meters away so if you go, go alone.

3. Don’t take measures seriously

take measures seriously

You see this a lot at young people. They will still meet up with a group outside because they think they are not in danger after all. But this is the stupidest thing you can do. Stick to the rules and listen to the government. It’s not all about you and whether or not you will get sick of it or maybe even die from it. It’s about the bigger picture and the old people or risk groups that you might infect by continuing social activities.

4. Starting to panic

don't panic


Panic often leads to unwarranted wrong decisions. People panic so much that they can no longer think clearly and therefore perhaps do things they shouldn’t do. So, even in these difficult times, try to keep your peace and talk to people about your worries and feelings. Be there for each other but keep the distance rules in mind.

5. Touching your face with your hands

don't touch your face


One of the worst things you can do during a pandemic is touch your face with your hands. People in the medical sector keep reminding us to wash our hands well and not to touch our face with our hands. This way you have less chance of getting a virus because a virus only enters through the nose or mouth and not through hands or other limbs. If you wash your hands properly, you also prevent the virus from spreading further.


6. Hoarding

hoaring worst thing in panademic


It’s unnecessary and selfish. The governments indicate that there is sufficient supply and that shops also continue to be replenished. People working in care or education who are still working whole days must also have food and therefore do their shopping. Give these people a chance to do their daily shopping as well, because this is how we get through this pandemic together.

7. Thinking that a mask protects you from corona

use mask


People start buying facial masks because they think they protect themselves that way. This is all but true. If you take it off at home after wearing the mask in public and touch your face, you can still get the virus. Apart from the fact that it doesn’t protect you completely, the masks are also very much needed in health care. There are big shortages and the doctors and nurses really need them. So don’t buy them and leave them to us for the hospital staff.

8. Visiting the elderly


It is now well known to everyone that the elderly are the hardest hit target group. They have a weaker immune system, are less vital and are therefore more susceptible to a virus. Many elderly people also become very sick from it and can die from it. Because young people often do not suffer from symptoms and because of the incubation period of two weeks, it is difficult to determine whether you are infected or not. The wisest thing to do then is to stay away from the elderly or other at-risk groups. Don’t visit your grandparents but call them or send them a message.

9. Sneezing and coughing in your hand

sneezing during panademic

If you have a cold or a sore throat and have to sneeze and cough a lot, do not do this in your hand as you are used to. Try to sneeze and cough as much as possible in your elbow and then wash your hands thoroughly. A virus is transmitted by bacteria that are released during sneezing and coughing. In order to protect yourself and others, it is important that you take this into account. Stop shaking hands with people and wash your hands more often than you did before.

10. Going to busy places

avoid to go in gathering


Avoid crowded places. The chance of getting infected there or infecting someone is considerably higher. When it is busy, it is difficult to keep the distance, which increases the risk of contracting a virus. This also includes travelling. If necessary, for example, if you are staying in another country but want to return to your own country, do this as carefully as possible, keep your distance and wash your hands well. But when you don’t have to, don’t do it. Stay inside and work from home.

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