politician who get affected by covid

Also politicians are getting affected by the coronavirus, sometimes even more than the general population. There are several explanations why the rates of infected politicians are higher than the ‘normal’ people, experts say. “Politicians are in contact with many many people, probably more than the average person,” Balloux says. “They are always shaking hands andalways meeting people. That might explain it.’’ Politicians may also be more likely to get tested for coronavirus quickly, compared to the average citizen. While a non-politician will call a coronavirus hotline when they begin showing symptoms, “politicians get tested right away,” Balloux says, adding that “anyone else with similar symptoms and no travel history would not be tested.”Politicians also tend to be older than the median age, and consequently likelier to be susceptible to catching the virus. In the list below, we summed up 10 Politicians who got affected by COVID 19



10. Franck Riester

Franck Riester is the French Culture Minister and he tested positive on March 9.Riester had been at the National Assembly where 5 people were found to have the virus, as said by the French ministry. He is currently quarantined in his house. He is one of the most talked about politicians who get affected by the COVID 19 virus.

09. Nadine Dorries

An United Kingdom Health Minister, Nadine Dorries, also tested positive with the virus this week.
Before she was feeling ill, she interacted with other politicians and with Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He got tested right away, but he is not infected.


08. Javier Ortega Smith

In Spain the secretary general of the far-right Vox party, Javier Ortega Smith, has also been infected with the virus. He is now calling for the closure of Spain’s Congress of Deputies.


07. Nicola Zingaretti

In Italy, which has witnessed the highest number of deaths and cases outside of China, the leader of the Italian Democratic Party Nicola Zingaretti announced in a Facebook video that he too has contracted the virus. “Well, it’s arrived,” Zingaretti said in a video posted on March 7. “I also have coronavirus.”


06. IrajHarirchi

On February 25 the head of the Iranian counter-coronavirus task force, IrajHarirchi, was diagnosed with COVID 19. A further 20 Iranian lawmakers have since been infected and isolated, and at least two have died. The head of Iran’s crisis management organization Esmail Najjar has also been placed in isolation after contracting COVID-19.

05. Carolina Darias

The Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function of Spain, Carolina Darias, has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Carolina Darias is well, but she remains isolated in her home. She says that she is feeling fine and has maximum confidence in the Spanish health system.


04. Prince Albert II

The Prince of Monaco, Albert II, has tested positive for the corona virus. He is also a famous celeb who get affected by the COVID 19 virus. The 62-year-old reigning monarch confirmed he tested positive for the covid last week. However, his palace statement said that his health is not worrying at this moment.


03. Michel Barnier

Michel Barnier is chief negotiator for the future relationship with Britain after Brexit of the European Union and has confirmed that he has the coronavirus. Mr Barnier tweeted that he is doing well.

02. Peter Dutton

Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton is also infected with the coronavirus. He was tested positive on Friday and he has been treated in a hospital in the north-eastern state of Queensland.


01. Irene Montero

In Spain, Minister of Equality Irene Montero tested positive for COVID-19 and her partner, Second Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias, is also quarantined. On Thursday, the country’s parliament on suspended all activities for the next 15 days.

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