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facts about human body

The human body is a remarkable thing. And even though we all have it, there are a lot of things we don’t know about it like the fact that our eyebrows can predict a lot about our personality. In this article you will find 10 Interesting Facts About The Human Body.

10. All of the blood vessels in the human body would encircle the Earth four times if they were laid end to end

blood vessales

If you took all the blood vessels from an adult’s body and put them from end to end next to each other, you would have about 100,000 miles. With this you can wrap around the world approximately 4 times.

09. In an adult human, 25% of their bones are in the feet

An adult body has 206 bones. These are scattered throughout the body and as much as 25% of them are in your feet. There are 26 bones in each foot. 26 x 2 = 52. which is about 25% of the total 206 bones in your body.

08. There are more bacteria in a human mouth than there are people in the world

There are living 7.6 billion people on this world. But that is nothing compared to the number of viruses that can live in your mouth. There can be up to 10 billion bacteria in your mouth, and that’s not even counting the fungi and viruses.

07. Like fingerprints, each human tongue has its own unique print


Each tongue is unique, it has its own shape and texture and all have small bumps and ridges. These are different for everyone. On those bumps there are 10.000 taste buds with which we can taste. The tongue is unique and rarely changes because it is protected inside the mouth.

06. The strongest muscle in the human body is the masseter, or the jaw muscle.

With all the muscles of the jaw together, it can close the teeth with a force as large as 25 kilograms on the incisors or 90.7 kilograms on the molars.

05. Humans spend about five years of their lives eating

Eating is one of a human being’s most important necessities of life and what do we do preferably? eat. And you can see that reflected. A human being spends an average of 67 minutes a day eating. All in all, the average person eats 5 years of their life.

04. Adult humans spend about 33% of their lives asleep

In addition to food, people also love to sleep. A good night’s sleep does wonders and is vital for a healthy lifestyle. On average, people sleep 8 hours a night. All in all, we sleep a lot of the time, up to one third of our lives.

03. The shape of eyebrows can predict a person’s personality

Eyebrows predicts a lot of about human and many people don’t know about these facts about human body.

Short Eyebrows – these people don’t deal well with stress and do not like dealing with their friends dramas.

Long Eyebrows – these people have a lot of friends, deal well with stress and are really good workers.

Naturally Thin Arches – these people doubt themselves, are unsure, believe what other people tell them and live life more careful.

Naturally Full Brows – These people love to be active, they’re naturally confident and they get things done.

Eyebrows With High Arches – these people aren’t as approachable, they’re more sensitive and tend to hold back a little bit, they also tend to be perfectionists and have really good taste.

Arches That Are Low – these people are approachable and easy going and stick by their promises.

Rounded Eyebrows – these people are extra kind and think about others’ needs and like to be in a relationship

02. Human teeth are just as strong as shark teeth

Even if you wouldn’t think so. People’s teeth are as strong as sharks’ teeth. people’s and sharks’ teeth are quite similar, although people’s teeth are made of a slightly softer mineral than sharks’.

01. Your blood makes up about eight percent of your body weight

The average weight of an adult body is between 68 and 81 kg. The number of kilograms of blood in an adult body can rise from 4500 to 5700 millilitres. litres and kilograms are equal to each other, which means that you can contain up to 5.7 kilograms of blood, which is approximately 8% of your body weight.

So you have a lot of blood vessels in your body, eat and sleep a large part of your life and even your eyebrows give away your personality. Now that you know a lot more facts about the human body, you may also understand more about it.

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